"keep your head down"

by Chris Bodenner

A Gchat exchange sent by a reader with a friend studying in Cairo:

Me: has your state department attache contacted you?
 Him:  nope
they cut the mobile lines
in my area of town
because I am too close to the demonstration
am now aware of how useless it was to register with US Embassy
ok, I think I am going to go for a brief while
 Sent at 1:59 PM on Tuesday
 Me:  keep your head down
 Sent at 2:06 PM on Tuesday
 Him:  well that sucked
 Me:  still raging against the machine?
 Him:  heh
 Sent at 2:35 PM on Tuesday
 Him:  basically walked until I hit the second blockade
pulled over by cop
caMera confisticated
pictures deleted
told to go hoMe
 Sent at 2:37 PM on Tuesday
 Me:  jesus
 Him:  yeah, im pretty thankful I brought my passport
 Sent at 2:43 PM on Tuesday
 Me:  couldnt bribe the cop? lol
 Him:  I only had like 30 pounds on me