"Israel's Relentlessly Growing Illiberalism"

Even Marty has noticed it. Matt Steinglass penned the phrase above. This restates the surface problem:

The political determination to create Jewish settlements necessitates segregation of Jewish and Palestinian populations; the segregation renders it impossible for Jews even to see the Palestinians they live next to, and vice versa; and that invisibility breeds oppression, fear, mutual hatred and violence.

The deeper one is the same core issue we are still grappling with: religious fundamentalism vs political liberalism in modernity. Fundamentalism is inhaling the fumes of collapsed traditional faiths that have yet to find the intellectual and spiritual courage to recover themselves. That's why, in my view, the deepest struggle of our time is religious, not political. No one is immune - and if Western democracies like Israel or the US think they are, their complacency is their biggest vulnerability.