"I Wanted To Make The Magazine"

by Zoe Pollock

It's been hard to see one of my favorites, Harper's Magazine, weathering rough waters as of late, in a standoff between the staff (now unionized) and publisher John "Rick" MacArthur. Megan's written about the saga, and I too hope they can pull through since their Readings (and Index and book reviews) are an indispensable part of my life. This farewell post by Ted Ross, the recently let-go editor, strikes a more personal chord about what it means to be out of work today:

I knew my father as the sort of person who put on a suit and disappeared to work every day. Work was a place where, when I visited him, people spoke to him with some modicum of respect. His job represented certainly not all but a fair amount of who he was. I knew him (and I still do) as a man who worked. Without thinking about it too much, I’ve always wanted my children to see me in the same waypresentable, respectable, necessary.