Andrew Sprung explores in detail Loughner's obsession with this subject. It seems like a metaphor along with "grammar" to describe government control of some sort or other. Andrew believes that Loughner is just mentally ill, without any politics as such. I pretty much agree on the evidence we now have, but then statements like these hang in the air:

The majority of citizens in the United States of America have never read the United States of America's Constitution. You don't have to accept the federalist laws. Nontheless, read the United States of America's Constitution to apprehend all of the current treasonous laws. You're literate, listener?

In some way, Andrew posits, Loughner seems to believe in "the inherent illegitimacy of the Constitution or its later corruption (again, it's not clear which)." Then this:

Firstly, the current governmental officials are in power for their currency, but I'm informing you for your new currency!  If you're treasurer of a new money system, then you're responsible for the distributing of a new currency. We now know - the treasurer for a new money system, is the distributor of the new currency. As a result, the people approve a new monetary system which is promising new information that's accurate, and we truly believe in a new currency. Above all, have you your new currency, listener?

The man is mentally ill, so maybe any attempt to understand this is futile. But to describe this as having nothing to do with politics is a stretch.