Your Christmas Gift - From The Dish


We've never done this before in our decade of existence, although we've been asked many times by readers. But on our tenth anniversary, we decided we'd try and put together some t-shirts for Dish readers to wear with pride. The reason we kept putting this off is because we didn't want the usual CafePress-style (no offense) online merch. We wanted something that would be a much higher quality, would last much longer, and would be subtle and cool. We wanted something, in other words, worthy of our readers - not crude personal advertizing, but subtle, beautiful and fun to wear for anyone, Dish-addict or non-Dish-addict. So we asked the fashion company, Rogues Gallery, to come up with some designs. And they did.

We think they're awesome. Check them out for yourself.

RG t-shirts are vintage shirts, hand-printed, repurposed and redesigned. They last for ever, are extremely comfortable and easy to wear, and look, well, they even make me look well turned out. The main reason I love them so much - they don't shrink. That Atlantic t-shirt I was wearing for Big Think? RG classic. I've bought many over the years and it's a thrill to have three custom-designed for us. They're more expensive than most t-shirts, but once you wear one, you realize why. Always comfortable, always cool, wearable anywhere, hand-printed in Rogues' Gallery's Portland, Maine, workshop, they're classics.


To see them up close, go here. They're a limited edition, sales were brisk today and we have no idea what the demand will be, so don't delay if you want the first ever Dish merchandise in time for the holidays.

The designs themselves are really subtle and retro and stylish. Two will only resonate with other Dish readers (a kind of beagle whistle to one another if you see them in public) - but if you share the basic philosophy of being "of no party or clique," they work as as a general t-shirt design anyway. I'm particularly fond of the middle one with the howling hound. Beagles are our patron canine, after all.

Wear them with pride as Dish readers; or if one of your friends or family-members is a Dish fanatic, buy them one as a gift for the holidays. Better still, buy all your Dish friends a t-shirt.

And a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Kwanzaa, and Super Holidays from all of us here.

[Re-posted from earlier today.]