Whitewashing Gitmo

In National Review, Andrew McCarthy has written a piece about detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Here's how he summarizes the controversy over the facility:

Just to recap, the Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, is extremely sensitive about Gitmo. Yes, the facility is a perfectly secure, offshore military detention center that has safely yet humanely sidelined hundreds of trained terrorists whose highest ambition is returning to the business of killing infidels. But the detention center has been the source of ceaseless sniping by our great friends in the “international community,” which can make for testy times at high tea, a fact that is of apparently greater importance than neutralizing jihadists.

In other words, the only objection he even acknowledges is that nations in the international community criticize it. This is staggering intellectual dishonesty. Any fair column on the Gitmo controversy would acknowledge the fact that innocent people were held there for years on end. Apparently McCarthy cares so little about imprisoned innocents to even spare a word for them in the thousands he's written on this subject. And deaths at the facility that were at best suicides and at worst something more sinister contradict his breezy assertion that the detention center has incarcerated its charges "safely and humanely."

Mr. McCarthy would be easier to take seriously if he occasionally acknowledged facts that cut against the positions he advocates.