When They Can Leak Our Psyches ...

Modern life-UPBRINGING 1-thumb

John Holbo imagines the Wikileaks mentality applied to a sci-fi future where computers predict and store our internet searches:

Google (or whoever) has figured out that internet searching goes much better if the machine can read you raw at every level and log all that stuff. People go along with it. Of course, privacy is assured.

Julian Assange (Assange’s envatted brain, or whoever) stages a massive, Wikileaks-style intelligence release: Psycheleaks. Everyone gets up one morning and finds, to their horror, that in the night have sprung up public ‘Psykis’, consisting of everyone’s logged-and-now-leaked thoughts – down to every last little Underground Man-style private fantasy. And the New York Times, the Guardian, and Der Spiegel got to read the dreams earlier than everyone else, etc.

(Image of Modern Life-UPBRINGING by KD)