When Maggie Met Sully

Sarah Posner has an account of last night's family conversation about homosexuality at Georgetown. It was a packed house, and, although the debate did get somewhat hot at times, this was one of the calmest conversations on this topic I've been a part of. EJ Dionne was a wonderful moderator. Maggie was also sincere if somewhat, to my mind, obtuse about the real world effects of her campaign against gay couples having the legal security of civil marriage. Money quote:

Only with ice water running through one's veins could one have been unmoved by Sullivan's recounting of his Catholic boyhood, his sexual awakening as an adolescent, and, as he told it, what a lucky bloke he considered himself to be when he discovered sexual desire. As he has done in his writing, Sullivan celebrated his gayness, describing his sexuality as a divine gift, and that "the first person I came out to was God." Even the persistence of the teenage erection was depicted as a wondrous joy. That same-sex sexual desire -- not just civil rights -- is equally celebrated in God's eyes was both a divine (double entendre intended) and human argument to which Gallagher had no decent (again, double entendre intended) rebuttal.

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