What 20 Inches Of Snow Does To Air Travel

by Patrick Appel

Nate Silver notes that 800+ flights have been cancelled at New York's La Guardia airport:

Pick a random weekday in February, and you can find a seat on any of roughly 125 nonstop flights from one of the two major Chicago-area airports to one of the three large ones in New York.

But if you were planning on flying this week, you’d better hope that you’ve already booked your tickets. As of just after midnight on Tuesday morning, just 3 of these 125 non-stops showed any availability on Tuesday, according to searches at Kayak.com and Southwest.com. No nonstop flights of any kind and only a handful of indirect routings had seats remaining for Wednesday. Thursday wasn’t much better: only 6 flights were still available, and none were cheaper than $935 for one-way travel.