Totes And New T-Shirts!


Yes, they're here - and at $16, much more affordable than the vintage, hand-printed Dish Ts. Check here for the design on the reverse and several new colors for the Ts, including this one (red and white now available too):


Many readers have had their jaws drop at the price of the regular Ts. We know, we know: $50 is a large amount for a t-shirt. And you feel that way until you see or wear the Rogues' Gallery clothes. I picked them because I wear them and love them - and know you will too. They are each hand-printed on vintage old t-shirts, that have a soft and yet robust texture, never shrink, and last forever. They're the most comfortable and durable t-shirts I have ever bought or worn - and I can't stop wearing them. I wanted Dish readers to have something classier and subtler than the usual mass market merchandise, even at the price of a higher cost. But the totes - and upcoming cheaper items - are much more accessible, even though they are also hand-printed.

Women readers have also asked if the unisex t-shirts work for them. Yes, they do - just pick a size one smaller than your usual in women's sizes. They're meant to be loose-fitting and hang beautifully on men and women of all shapes and sizes.

If you love the Dish and want to show it, have at it. If you're wondering what to get for Christmas for someone you know is a Dish-addict, you couldn't do better. And if you also want to support the Dish, and show your appreciation for the truly hard work that Patrick, Chris, Zoe and Conor do every day, the revenue from this will help support their work going forward.

The full shop is here. Merry merry. And please support the Dish in our first ever merchandising effort ever. We want to be around for another ten years and this added revenue stream is one way to help that happen.