The Weirdness Of The Assange Circus

If anything were ripe for conspiracy theorists, wouldn't the legal wrangling over Julian Assange fit the bill? But what are the odds at this point in the saga that a figure like Assange would be under extradition from Britain to Sweden for a minor crime that seems outlandishly vague and unprovable even by Sweden's standards ... and is not under extradition from Britain to the US for the alleged, but oddly non-existent, "crime" of releasing all those government cables and data, procured by an inside source? More than unusually odd given the rarety of such UK-Sweden extradition deals.

It's even stranger since it would be much easier for Assange to be extradited from Britain than from Sweden (Britain has very special relations with the US that Sweden does not). Does Assange want to be forced back to Sweden, where he is freer from possible US intervention? Or is this all a massive, unplanned clusterfuck?

I guess if you live in a country where the government stakes out an interest in whether a condom breaks or not in consensual sex, you may never find out.