The Shamelessness Of John McCain, Ctd

A reader writes:

McCain thinks troops should get "to make a judgment on who they want to serve with".  So I guess, given the racial attitude of many troops at the time, he thinks Truman was wrong to order the integration of US forces in 1948. Will he come out and say so?

Another writes:

McCain's opposition to the repeal of DADT reminds me of the misguided stance he took years ago when MLK's birthday was declared a federal holiday.

During the presidential campaign of 2008, he strained to apologize for opposing it, but coming so far after the fact, I think his attempts to correct himself were mostly ignored or seemed phony. Now he is doing the same with DADT. The military and the public are both ready for the repeal. He stands nearly alone in opposition. When the repeal ultimately comes, as it surely will one way or another, McCain will once again find himself the Odd Man Out.


I couldn't agree more about your characterization of John McCain's behavior.  But I do think Adm. Mullen really missed an opportunity.  He should have said to Sen. McCain what my CO said when I was in the NROTC: "The military isn't a democracy."

In what universe does McCain think that it's proper procedure for a commanding officer to ask soldiers what they think of a particular policy? Just imagine: "Okay, men, HQ has told us to take that hill over there.  Satellite recon says it's heavily fortified by machine guns and artillery.  So my question is: should we listen to HQ and charge the hill, or should we hunker down here and eat some MREs?"

McCain's suggestion that the leadership of the military should make decisions based on the opinion of subordinate soldiers goes against the most fundamental aspects of military discipline.  I know his own service was admirable, but, at this point, his misunderstanding of basic military command structures is embarrassing.


Can we all agree now that John McCain is a farce, that he always was a farce, and to the extent he ever had any political integrity, it is obvious he has now lost it all, beginning with Palin's nomination, the utter rejection of him as President and Commander in Chief by landslide proportions, and now his disgusting "delay delay delay" tactics?

Can we also now all agree that America made the right decision on Nov. 4, 2008?