The Season For Reading

Freddie de Boer has launched a book club blog - the subject is Umberto Eco's 1980 novel In The Name Of The Rose. Freddie is hoping to have participants start reading on December 7th:

[T]his is a book, I've always thought, to be read in winter. Not merely because it takes place in the winter, and not merely because the image that persists in my mind is that of a hay-strewn abbey, warmed by torchlight and ringed with snow. Winter is a season for reading, for turning inwards, into interior warmth. I mean this in the simplest sense and less speakable ones as well. It's cold out, in winter, and to curl up with a book in the light of a fire in your own hearth is wonderful. Internally, too, it's often necessary to turn inward to artificial heat and light. And the best reading for those times, I think, is reading that is intricate and varied and rewarding and, yes, labyrinthine. The Name of the Rose is a book that you can retreat into, deep for a deep winter.