The Most Beautiful Words

by Zoë Pollock

Ann Althouse points to this list of the 100 top choices, but she prefers short and sweet:

Hey, for me, click is one of the most beautiful words. But the words on this list tend to be multisyllabic with aesthetically pleasing sounds: evanescent, efflorescence, effervescent, emollient.

I like the idea that a simple word that we often run across could win, as opposed to liking the fancy ones that seem to show off and we'd feel silly saying out loud. I've just returned from a 10-day birthright trip to Israel, open to anyone of Jewish origins under 27.  I hope to share some more thoughts with you all once the cloud of jetlag has cleared, but on a language note I was surprised by how much of the slang that the Israelis used and taught us was actually Arabic: sababa, yalla, wala. (Very rough translations respectively: "awesome", "let's go", and an affirmative or ironic response, often played for humor.)

It's not a perfect parallel by any means, but I don't know many Americans who use South American slang in the same way, despite how many of us live in close proximity to Latino communities. As always I stand to be corrected by the collective consciousness of the Dish. Are there words I'm obviously missing and that you all love to use?