The Mainstreaming Of Marijuana, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

Allahpundit doesn't buy the spin from the CBN on Robertson's apparent call for decriminalization:

But these are the sorts of games social cons have to play when it comes to drug laws, it seems. Even Palin, for all her boldness in taking righteous yet politically unpopular positions, didn’t dare come all the way out in support of decriminalization; the farthest she was willing to go was to suggest we’d benefit from less enforcement. Sometimes I wonder if this is the conservative equivalent of Obama’s stance on gay marriage, with Robertson’s spokesman now advising us not to believe our own eyes and ears lest that cause political trouble for his boss.

Mark Kleiman:

Adding up Robertson and Palin, I’d say that the culture warriors have decided to fight other battles, leaving the cannabis issue ripe for change. Here’s hoping that the next version of the California initiative will make sense.