The Even Index

A reader writes:

 A discussion on Megan McArdle's blog gave me an idea for the "Even Index": (google hits for "Even [Name]") / (google hits for "[Name]"). Effectively, how often is their name preceded with the word even? You do unsurprisingly well:

Rush Limbaugh 7.69%
Richard Nixon 5.30%
Michael Kinsley 3.17%
Michelle Malkin 2.59%
Andrew Sullivan 2.38%
Ron Paul 1.93%
Adolf Hitler 1.86%
Mickey Kaus 1.82%
Dave Weigel 1.81%
Christopher Hitchens 1.44%

James Fallows 1.36%
Jeffrey Goldberg 1.14%
Barack Obama 0.74%
Megan McArdle 0.62%
Glenn Beck 0.42%
Lew Rockwell 0.40%
Josh Marshall 0.36%
Jonah Goldberg 0.35%
Ezra Klein 0.27%
Matthew Yglesias 0.13%
Amanda Marcotte 0.09%
Ana marie Cox 0.04%
Ta-Nehisi Coates 0.00%

I'm not sure what this means. If it represents counter-intuitive thinking, it's hard to see Kinsley and Limbaugh in the same company. Or is it? Still, I beat Hitler.