The Deal vs The Pledge

Hugh Hewitt, appalled at any cooperation between the GOP and Obama, hyperventilates about Tea Party opposition to President Obama's deal on tax cuts and unemployment benefits:

On my program today Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake announced he is a "hard no" on "the deal," and Senator Tom Coburn has not yet decided how he will vote though he sounded very skeptical to me ... founder Mark Meckler announced his organizations complete opposition to "the deal," as well as its opinion that voting for "the deal" breaks the Pledge to America.  The members of, believed by many to be the most representative of the Tea party movement's umbrella organizations, are contacting the current and future members of the D.C. GOP to express their dismay with the terms of the deal as well as with the manner in which it was negotiated and the new House committee chairs. 

I read both the congressman and the senator the language of the House GOP's "Pledge To America," and both did not attempt to argue that "the deal" fulfilled those specifics (listed in the post below) but instead argued that the Pledge wasn't binding until the 112th Congress arrived. Perhaps, but invoking a technicality to justify abandoning the terms of the Pledge, given in September, is not the way to build confidence in the new House majority.