The Daily Bile Of Limbaugh

Sometimes the hackery is so blatant it's amusing. Here's a December 10 classic:

The unemployed are being treated as virtuous.  They are being treated to further payments while not working, now up to three years.  You're seeing more and more Democrats come out and actually wage war on the rich; wage war on working people; wage war on creative people; wage war on the people that provide jobs; wage war on the productive people of this country.  You see it now.  It's been a little bit more abstract, but now these guys lost the election, and the mask is off and you are seeing the genuine Marxists that they are, you're seeing it, and you're seeing the venom that's attached to 'em.  I mean they look at what happened to Charlie Rangel as fair.  You know, there's an all-out war against productive self-reliant people in this country by the Democrat Party.  That's what you notice.

Shortly therafter he goes to a commercial break. And when he returns?

Ladies and gentlemen, if we were on the ball and if the Republicans were on the ball, the question being asked would be: Why are the Democrats trying to take away unemployment extensions here at Christmas?  That's how this ought to be framed.  If we were on offense, that would be the question: Why are the Democrats trying to take away unemployment benefits here at Christmastime?  That would put them on defense.  That's the question we should be asking.

This isn't surprising to anyone who pays any attention at all to the man's cynical, dishonest, disgusting daily broadcast. But it's worth noting if only to show the blinkered judgment of all the people in the conservative movement who continue to stand by the man.