The Catechism And Catholics On DADT

by Zoë Pollock

James Martin urges Catholics to celebrate the repeal:

Since [the] repeal of DADT says nothing about gay marriage (nor would it have been approved by lawmakers if it had), since it does not contradict church teaching on that matter, and since it takes a strong stance against "unjust discrimination" against gays and lesbians, as the Catechism encourages, will Catholics rejoice over this news?  In the past, when Congress passed, or the president signed, a bill offering protection for a marginalized group of people, the church would often take notice.  Remember that the Catechism sets forth a strong line on this--"every sign of unjust discrimination."  That's pretty broad.  Still, I wonder if there will be much rejoicing for this respectful, compassionate and sensitive act of justice.