The Arabs vs Iran? Please. Ctd

Marc Lynch adds some light:

"The Saudis always want to fight Iranians to the last American" and it is "time for them to get in the game," Secretary of Defense Robert Gates tells the French foreign minister in a newly released cable from February 2010. This captures perfectly the point I made yesterday about how to read the reporting in these cables about the private hawkishness of Arab leaders. The question of Arabs and Iran was never an information problem -- it's an analysis problem. The antipathy which many of these leaders feel for Iran has long been well known. But so has their reluctance to do anything about it. And so have the internal divisions within Arab governments and Gulf ruling families, and their deep fears of either Iranian retaliation or popular upheaval, and their bottomless hunger for U.S. weapons systems, and their hopes that the U.S. would magically solve their problems for them, and the disconnect between the palaces and the public.

In yet another post, Goldblog refuses to take the anti-Semite card off the table in this debate, where we share the same goals - the neutering of the Revolutionary Guards and the securing of a two-state solution in Israel/Palestine. This saddens and bores me. Let me just put this as plainly as I can: if Goldblog's readers think I am anti-Semitic, that's their problem, not mine. They need to get over their paranoia in an America where their sense of victimhood is a cheap form of maudling solipsism. There is real and disgusting anti-Semitism in the world, but it isn't based in Adams Morgan.

Meanwhile, how can we tighten pressure in Iran, encourage the Greens and force the Israelis out of their smug suicidal tendencies?