That Palin Can't Hunt, Ctd

Check out the comments section here at Field and Stream. Dish faves:

Watching that sequence made me cringe. The fact she was shooting a bunch of guns that apparently hadn't been sighted in and that she didn't seem to know how to load herself was irresponsible. We all had to start somewhere ...

I think she's kind of a phony as far as being a big angler or hunter- while AK teenage boys were out honing their outdoor skills in the fall, I get the feeling Sarah was more interested in the beauty pageants and basketball.

This should have been a golden moment for hunting, but she totally blew it. Honestly, it was amateurish hunting and politics. She has to know everyone and there brother will scrutinize this scene and didn't site in the guns! Oh, and then you broadcast the fact that you didn't site in the guns. Why to protect her reputation for marksmanship? Cheney is a better hunter.

Now remember the core lie: that Palin regularly hunts with her dad, and has done so for years. This was always an obvious lie. Now Palin's delusions have allowed her to demonstrate the lie on national television.