Sully's Keepers: September-October 2010

Game On
The president's speech was a barn-stormer.

Humility And Humiliation
America's genius is not power. It is example.

"Heart Speaks To Heart"
Personal reflections on the Pope's visit.

Gays, The Battered Wife Of The Democratic Party
Readers dissent.

The NYT And Torture
The double standard deepens.

The View From My Window 2000 - 2010
I reflect on a decade of the Dish.

Homosexuals As "Victim Souls"
Gay misery supposedly gets them closer to God.

Yes, We Are At War
I respond to the shellacking from readers and Greenwald.

Answers For Glenn Greenwald
Yes, we are at war.

A Homophobic Dark Era To Come?
But the real goal is to get past politics to living.

Obama's Excruciating Trap On Civil Rights
When will he make a stand?

The Best Analysis Of Obama's Dilemma
It comes from Obama himself.

Taking The "Conserve" Out Of Conservatism
They should be stewards of the environment.

Change, Reaction, And Conservatism: Reading The Tea Leaves
They feel besieged by change.

The Juan Williams Case
He made a bigoted statement and gave it legitimacy.

Rick’s Left; My Right
Liberalism's weakness is its top-down nature.

The Iraq War: A Descent Into Hell
This war was, in many ways, a crime.

Juan Williams: Busted
He has an extreme double standard.

Debating Israel-Palestine I
Let me concede that Goldblog was right about Helen Thomas.

The Conflicted States Of America
The people want it both ways without sacrifice.

Debating Israel-Palestine II
The Israeli government is irrational and dangerous.

Moderation In The Defense Of Sanity Is No Vice. Most Of The Time.
The Stewart/Colbert rally gave me hope.

Debating Israel-Palestine III
I don't think Iran is the existential threat some Israelis say they fear.

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