Sully's Keepers: May-June 2010

So Is She Gay?
It is not illegitimate to ask of Kagan.

The Morality Of Oil
Is there no point at which we can say: this is enough?

The Price Of Winning
This election is as phony as it is exciting.

In Defense Of Rand Paul (Kinda)
Was the CRA in many respects an infringement of freedom? Of course it was.

They Still Don't Get It
To remain closeted requires a massive use of deception.

What Do Atheists Think Of Death?
To philosophize is to learn how to die.

"No Place In This Process"
Why is sexual orientation off the list when gender is on?

The Borking Of Kagan
This question is now closed on this blog.

Jesus And Christ
This intellectual sifting is hard and troubling to faith.

Noonan Unhinged
Her criticism of Obama is unrelated to the reality.

Why The Closet Must End In Public Life
Sexual orientation is a fact about people.

The Best Analysis Yet
I build on Noah Millman's take on the Israel dilemma.

Firing Gays Should Not Be Illegal
So says Benedict's church.

Israel Derangement Syndrome
Our conversation needs to be more open and honest.

Was Israel A Mistake?
Perhaps, but it should not be abandoned now.

Getting Shit Done
Obama's competence and long-term direction is showing.

Obama: Hostage To Petraeus
This war is a huge and metastasizing mistake.

McChrystal - And The Press's Failure
The Obama operation is at war with itself.

Why Does Trig Matter?
Because Palin has insisted that he matters.