Sully's Keepers: March-April 2010

by Chris Bodenner

The Much-Delayed Response To Goldblog
I promised one to my friend over the Wieseltier piece.

The Walking Wounded
On the tormented gay men who came out in the press while I was on vacation.

The Death Of Conservatism
Ideology has infiltrated everything.

The Pope: Drowning, Not Waving
On the recent flurry of stories about sexual abuse

Sin Or Crime?
The Pope should resign and priestly celibacy should end.

Obama's Victory Of Persistence
Yes, he worked our last nerve to get the needed votes to pass healthcare.

The Pope's Defenders
It's very odd to see theocons dancing with moral relativism and cultural context.

How Long Has This Been Going On?
Douthat's obvious fallacy is conflating reported cases of abuse with actual cases.

It's The Gays' Fault
Or more specifically, the closet's. How many openly gay priests have abused minors?

The Vatican's Watergate
Follow the money to Maciel.

The Third Strike
Against Ratzinger - it's over now.

"A Half-Term Former Governor With A TV Show"
David Brooks wants everyone to stop talking about her.

The British Election Debate: The Chastening
Cameron narrowly won this.

Why I'm Passing On Tea
When they propose serious cuts to spending, I'll take the movement seriously.

Is Clegg A British Obama?

Live-Blogging The Second Brit Debate
It was a Clegg triumph.

"History Happened"
I'm with Brooks on how Obama was unwittingly forced into big government action.

The Old Parties Turn On Clegg
Why I'm against electoral reform.

"In Palinworld, Palin, By Definition, Speaks The Truth"
The conventional view in Washington that she's not running is dangerously wrong.

The Right-Wing Media-Industrial Complex
It has led to the rump dominating the discourse but a shift toward liberalism in actual policy.

Live-Blogging The Third British Debate
This was Cameron's night to my mind.

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