Shut Up And Sing: The Partridge Family

A reader writes:

"Whale Song" is not only a preachy and syrupy affront to Top 10 AM radio, it is an affront to bubblegum television. You know that a teen idol TV vehicle has jumped the shark when it features the stock-in-trade evil entrepreneur/capitalist who will exploit a stranded whale for his own advantage. The telegenic family publicizes the sad plight of this whale, whales in general, and the whole environmental mess of the 1970s - clad in velvet and ruffled jumpsuits with the whale singing along. The world is enlightened and a whale is saved - in 30 minutes! (counting, um, commercial breaks)

But no song at all to the ones who won't hear
And if people don't listen, and if people don't know
Might the song of the man be the next song to go.

We know what song needs to go.