Running Out The Clock

Pareene glances at his watch:

The brilliant thing about the run-out-the-clock strategy [on DADT] is that you don't even have to bother to come up with a reason to oppose changing a deeply unpopular policy! So while John McCain gets a lot of justified heat for his craven reversals, everyone else can quietly have no position whatsoever beyond "we have other things to take care of first" or "let's not rush anything."

Jim Burroway fumes:

[DADT repeal] not on Reid’s radar. Especially now that he can’t milk it for the midterm elections. Kerry [Eleveld of The Advocate] also notes that DADT repeal hasn’t made the White House’s list of “must-haves” for the lame duck session. In fact, the White House’s list just happens to match Reid’s list to a tee. It’s also not among the White House’s talking points, nor does Press Secretary Robert Gibbs mention it unless asked directly usually by Eleveld.

This can be done. There is more time to do it after the tax cut deal. I haven't given up yet.