Rooting Out The Sissy Priests

The New Oxford Review is on the case:

Fr. James E. Mason is a priest in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is Vice Chancellor of the Diocese and Director of Vocations. In an article in Homiletic & Pastoral Review (May), he says it's a "rare seminary or diocese that will recognize the vice...[of] effeminacy." St. Thomas Aquinas said that effeminacy is the vice of delicacy and is opposed to perseverance.

Says Fr. Mason: "Many bishops, seminary faculty and priests...suffer under this vice and are therefore unwilling or unable to recognize it as a vice and address it.... Does the seminary deal with a seminarian that sways when he walks, who has limp wrists, who acts like a drama queen or who lisps? It must."

Er, has anyone seen the Pope lately? I mean, if you can find him behind his jewels, outfits, personally manufactured hats, Prada slippers, gorgeous personal assistant and incense?