Recognize Palestine Now

Reza Aslan's plea:

Enough stalling. It’s well past time [for Mahmoud Abbas to] to declare [Palestinian] statehood and force a vote of recognition in the United Nations. Obama claims the U.S. will veto any such vote. Let’s call his bluff. Let’s find out if this president is ready to stand utterly alone on the world stage as the sole head of state refusing to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state just so he can appease an ally, Israel, that over the last year has repeatedly gone of out its way to embarrass his administration and stifle his attempts at achieving a two-state solution.

Better still: have the US vote for such a recognition and lay out its own views on boundaries. Enough with being yanked around by an alleged ally that is prepared to do nothing to help the US advance its own global interests, and a great deal to sabotage American strategy.