Quote For The Day

"The overreach is beyond the ridiculous - Kate Gosselin is from a small town of 8,000 that is just as god-fearin' and gun-clutchin' as Palin's, just with smaller animals. Yet Sniff wants to paint her as a mix between Paris Hilton and Jackie O, some sort of socialite elitist. Please. I promise you Kate Gosselin has read even fewer books than Le Sniff and has way fewer high-class hob-nobbing friends. They're both worthless, but at least Kate Gosselin LITERALLY has enough sense to come in out of the rain, while Sniffy just blathers away about the nobility of being a fucking idiot.

I come from "real America," a tiny town of uber-rednecks and their women, and I promise you that exactly 0% of the women would say "stand in the rain for a few hours waiting to freeze to death while cooking some hot dogs? Ohh, YEAH!!!" - xmastime.