Print Lives!

Innocent Smith sees what we're trying to get at with print-on-demand projects like "The Cannabis Closet":

Personally, I don’t plan on buying the book, don’t smoke pot, and am indifferent toward marijuana legalization. What impresses me is how the book was created and is being distributed. Once again, Sullivan defies cliches, demonstrating that the internet may not be killing so much as transforming print media. Here is a book without a conventional author or publisher. What it does have is an editor (the Dish) which has compiled a popular online discussion thread (“The Cannibas Closet”) and bypassed the traditional publishing industry by printing copies through On top of all of this innovation, the book generates revenue for the Dish at a time when most journalists find it increasingly difficult to get paid.

You can buy the book here - for just $5.95 (and don't forget to use the promo-code DISH for $3 off shipping).