Palin's Problem

Polarization can come back to bitecha:

After surveying seven states pitting top Republican candidates against President Obama, the Public Policy Polling group concluded that Palin was “virtually unelectable” thanks to her anemic numbers with Democrats and independents. A Marist poll last week showed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) defeating Obama among independents by 8 percent while Palin lost to the president by 17. In Michigan the state where Palin famously tried “going rogue” in 2008 Obama leads Palin by 21 percent. And a poll in North Carolina shows Obama keeping the state blue if Palin were the nominee, thanks to the former Alaska governor’s 19 percent favorability rating in that state.

According to Pollster, Palin's unfavorables are now at a record high of 53 percent. But her favorables have ben gliding upwards as well - to around 39 percent from around 35 percent a few months ago. The more the base rallies to her the more the general public flees. Which is a, er, problem for the GOP, no?