Palin Will Run

That's the impression of Jay Newton-Small, who just did a cover-story for Time on her:

She certainly is sounding more and more bullish on a run. From when I began talking with her about a story more than three months ago till two days ago when I last exchanged e-mails with her, she has sounded increasingly interested in running. And if she doesn't she's going to be awfully bored next year: her speaking engagements have tapered off (as with other potential candidates, like New Gingrich, the Washington Speakers Bureau warns clients that these speakers may not be able to fulfill their contracts if they decide to run); her book tour has ended; her TLC series is ending soon. Palin plans a foreign trip early next year, tentatively planned to England and Israel amongst other countries – a must for presidential wannabes. But after that, her schedule, thus far, is clear.