Obamacare, Romneycare, Clintoncare

by Patrick Appel

Joyner defends calling health care reform "Obamacare":

 ObamaCare ... is short, memorable, and nonjudgmental. It has a nice parallelism with Medicare, a very popular program with similar goals, and correctly identifies the president who pushed it through Congress. And, even as one who opposed Obama’s election and the passage of this act, the term “ObamaCare” doesn’t conjure up negative imagery.

Megan agrees. Me too, and I support the law. Writing "Obama's health care reform law" gets tiresome. Calling Bill Clinton's 1993 health care reform plan "Hillarycare" wasn't neutral – it was an attempt to discredit the bill as illegitimate due to Hillary Clinton's shepherding it through Congress. But Clintoncare would have been acceptable. And I've no qualms about calling the Massachusetts reform Romneycare.

Why is Obamacare so offensive to some liberals?