No DADT Vote Tonight


According to Brian Beutler, who updates us on Sen. Susan Collins' negotiations with Reid. More details here. David Kurtz's reading of the situation:

Collins has finally made her demands concrete and public. And they are not outrageous. At one point she wanted or was said to want two weeks of debate. Now she's asking for a manageable 4 days. Would we have gotten here anyway? Maybe. Did Reid's forcing the issue make the difference? Hard to say for sure, but probably.

This much is clear: the day started with DADT repeal looking completely dead and ends with a very plausible way forward to 60 votes in the Senate in this lame duck session. Not a done deal yet, but prospects for repeal are a whole lot better than they were 12 hours ago.

Greg Sargent reports that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has come out for repeal of DADT, with conditions. The president is also weighing in with Senators. For the first time, I feel confident this will pass. If it does, this lame duck session will have been quite something. But we're not there yet.

(Photo: Karen Bleier/Getty.)