Medicinal Mushrooms

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

I take small (no more than a pinch or two) quantities of psilocybin every day. Not to get high, not to unwind, but to try to heal my body. For 5+ years I've had an autoimmune problem that's demyelinating my peripheral nerves - it's called neuropathy. I do take a monthly treatment of gamma globulin to try to stabilize it, but the prognosis is for a long slow decline. Since "western medicine" doesn't really have a clue and basically has the equivalent of sledgehammers to treat this thing, I've tried a host of non-Western modalities, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs, homeopathy, bio-energy balancing and strict diet. Not entirely no dice, but my condition is still declining. I suppose my fail-safe maneuver is to visit Lourdes or John of God in Brazil.

Anyway, fortunately I've also got contacts in the spiritual community of "medicine", who have given me the idea of using what folks in Mexico call "the little healers". I have a scientist friend who used it in small quantities daily to recover from bad asthma. It is reputed to help with the immune system (as well as anxiety and depression).

I am as yet too scared to undertake a full trip, which evidently can be like 6 months or a year's worth of therapy in a few hours, but someday I will work up to it. I am befriending it right now, and I feel the mushrooms are helping my condition. You could call it merely a result of magic thinking, but what harm can it possibly cause? It's natural, and I am determined to use whatever I can to heal.

Take care, and please don't print my name.