Kiss Me, I'm Insecure

by Zoë Pollock

Good news for those lacking confidence: according to a new study, the insecure flirt better:

They seem to be acutely attentive to the other person’s needs. They share of themselves; they appear interesting, because they want desperately to seem that way. ...The self-confident may have these traits, too, but they’ll stop working so hard when their game’s not proving successful.

Insecure people don’t give up so easily. The same hyperawareness that attends their daily livesalways dressing of-the-moment, always listening to the right new bandalso helps when talking with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. It may be that the insecure are able to perceive how they’re being perceived, then mask their undesirable traits, or at the least counteract them with knowing jokes on the array of topics that their insecurities force them to stay up on.