Huckabee: What If He Runs? Ctd

Ed Kilgore looks at the GOP race from the opposite side of the aisle:

How should Democrats feel about Huck? He has a surprising reservoir of good will from many progressives in part because he's not a snarler, and in part because he was the rare Republican who didn't routinely defend Wall Street or pretend the economy was just great in 2008 (qualities that alienated him from the GOP's Economic Royalist wing). But look a little deeper, and Huckabee shares every obnoxious position Republicans have taken since they lurched heavilty to the right after 2008, in addition to his better-known hard-core stand on cultural issues like abortion and gay rights. There's also reportedly a rich lode of crazy stuff in his large library of sermons, which presumably oppo research types are plumbing as we speak.