How Wikileaks Debunks The Far Right

Heather Mac Donald, a Wikileaks critic, makes an astute point:

I would love to see Dinesh D’Souza and all the other right-wing hysterics who are hawking the idea of Obama’s scary Otherness explain how these diplomatic cables contribute in any way to their thesis.  I would love to see them nominate their favorite dispatches that demonstrate Obama’s efforts to undermine American power and to elevate socialism, Third World radicalism, and anti-colonialism over traditional American interests.  To the contrary, the cables demonstrate a continuity of American foreign policy and discourse from the Bush to the Obama administrations.  The Obama-era dispatches show the same assumptions about the need to maintain American supremacy as have been harbored by every previous administration.  And I doubt whether Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld would have deplored the idea of gathering biometric or other identity information on fellow diplomats.   If Obama and Holder wanted to destroy American influence, they should be cheering Assange on, not looking for ways to prosecute him.