He Aims To Please


Mitt Romney is against the tax deal. Frum: "can we notice that Romney’s stated grounds of opposition to the deal make no sense?" Er, yes we can! He is capable, as David Brooks has noted, of being "borderline insane." Allahpundit's view of the politics:

Thus did Mitt cover his ass ahead of the 2011 primaries, where support for the new porkier tax cuts compromise will no doubt be a litmus test for grassroots righties. Interestingly, at last check, Huckabee is still in favor of the deal, telling National Journal in an interview published this morning, “I think it’s the best anyone can hope for at this point,” before proceeding to dump all over Obama for his angry press conference last week. Huck’s been working hard over the past two years to try to repair the image of him as a “big government conservative,” backing hardcore tea party candidates and ripping every Obama spending program to come down the pike. I wonder if he’s simply been caught flat-footed on this or whether it’s a deliberate strategy to appeal to centrists.

(Photo: A bobblehead of Republican presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney during a post primary campaign rally at January 29, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida. By Alex Wong/Getty Images)