Dusting Off Old Gift Cards

by Patrick Appel

Lifehacker has tips:

In the event your card has already expired, you're not necessarily out of luck. If it's a ten-year-old gift card you might want to bid your final farewells and do more to remember in the future, but if it's a more recent expiration you can generally call the vendor for an extension. Customer service representatives want to be able to help if they can, so if you're nice you're likely to yield better results. I worked in a form of technical support awhile back and can vouch for this. Pretty much everyone on our team would go out of our way to help people who were kind to us. The moment someone was rude, angry, or approached us with a feeling of entitlement we'd do the bare minimum. If I learned anything from that job, it's that being kind to your customer service representative can go a very long way.

(Hat tip: Jackson)