A reader writes:

I’m a huge huge fan. But this:

I guess if you live in a country where the government stakes out an interest in whether a condom breaks or not in consensual sex, you may never find out.

Just disgusted me. Sweden’s law is not about “broken condoms”; it’s about withdrawal of consent. If a woman is having sex with a man, the condom breaks, and she withdraws consent (and he doesn’t stop), it’s RAPE. Maybe not legally in the rape-regressive USA, but in the vastly more sex-progressive Sweden. This post gives some thoughts on this. (And there are many others by prominent feminists not named Naomi Wolf.) Your comment really showed a lack of respect for consent-based sexual relations. I’m sure it wasn’t your intent, but you should be aware that this is rape by legal definition, even if a “minor” sort of rape by US-normative standards.

Tracy Clark-Flory has more on the difference between rape laws in Sweden and the US. Lawyer Jill Filipovic dug deeper into the US side.

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