Anonymity And Urban Life, Ctd

by Conor Friedersdorf

Zachary M. Seward reflects:

Lifelogging has been around since at least Benjamin Franklin, but digital technology transformed the practice, allowing obsessive types to record, store and visualize every detail of their lives, from sleep cycles to eating habits. The goal? Ultimate self-awareness and reflection. “We’ve arrived at a time when the memory of machines creates ideas we’ve never considered,” Clive Thompson declared in a cover story about lifelogging for Fast Company in 2006.

I dig that notion but would never wear a Fitbit (to track every step I take) or use a service like Moodscope (to log my emotions). I just want to do my thing while passively self-quantifying.

Go here to see the information he has assembled about himself in the course of the year, including a heat map of his movements.