An Actual Small Government Conservative

The Weekly Standard nevertheless leads its profile of former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson, with his medical marijuana use. Eventually they get to the broader substance:

After pointing out that the United States accounts for half of worldwide spending on defense, Johnson suggests the defense budget might need to be slashed by as much as 44 to 90 percent from current levels. “If you just based it on population alone, we should be spending 5 [percent],” he says. “If you looked at a 23 percent reduction in government spending, which would just balance revenues with expenditures, if you look at what defense would then have to go to, 50 cents of worldwide spending would go toI’m doing the math here in my headwhat? 28 cents?”

And then some more stuff you don't hear very much:

Johnson also says Iran’s nuclear program isn’t a threat to the United States because the principle of “mutually assured destruction” would keep the Iranians from attacking.

And this radical conservative idea:

"[T]his notion of nation buildingI think the current policy is making us more enemies than more friends."