A Merry Dishmas: New Shirts And Totes!


We keep selling out of the fabulous $24 Dish T-shirts so Rogues Gallery has introduced two new $24 T-shirts and a brand new $16 double-sided tote to keep up with demand. Yes, that hard-to-read one on the left says "To See what Is In Front Of One's Nose Needs A Constant Struggle" - but you have to put one's nose very close to the shirt to read it. Maybe not the most inspired of sight-gags, but we enjoyed it. A bargain at $24! The beagle one is also a classic. There is no telling how long these shirts will stay in stock – so buy them while you still can!


Classic vintage, high-quality $50 T-shirt Dishness here.

Or give your View From Your Window contest fan-friend the classic Dish coffee table book available here... or the new reader-generated volume, "The Cannabis Closet," here for under $10 including shipping (use promo-code DISH)!