A Merry Dishmas, Ctd


A reader writes:

As you guys so often do, your staff photo sans Conor  just got me into the Christmas spirit more than anything else! I know Christmas isn't your cup of tea, but coming from someone who just left his LSAT exam here in NYC and after studying for the past several weeks, I couldn't have imagined a better sight when opening your blog for the first time this week!

Another writes:

How could you keep the attractiveness of your staff a secret for all these years? 

Between your youthful modeling indiscretions and the ever-present Andrew Sullivan Gun Show, we've been looking at you for decades.  Given their lack of visibility, I've been picturing your staff as a group of wretched galley slaves shivering in fear of your lash.  It's quite a treat to discover that you're swimming in cuteness over there; Chris, Patrick and Zoe are adorable!  (Conor has been visible for a while, so we already knew he's a cutie as well.)  Find some occasions to let them poke their heads out more often.

That said, Dusty and Eddy still have more cuteness in their little wet noses than all of you put together.  Sorry.


Wow, you let your beard go gray! Seriously, you look great. With Gandalf as my guide, gray beards are my personal beard ideal.


Well there it is. We now have photographic proof that you're left-leaning.


$24 is a T-shirt price I can get behind, thanks! No matter how much you argue on behalf of a $50 T-shirt, even ones as beautifully done as yours, that price simply offends my Midwestern sensibilities. It's a T-shirt, for cripes sake. For $50 it'd better be lined with chinchilla or give me a shoulder rub or tell me how awesome I am in the sack. Seriously, though, this is good news. I appreciate it.


What, does not one of you übergeeks not know how to use Photoshop? Get a picture of Conor and insert it in there. It's only fair.

Übergeek lashed.