A Commune For The End Times

by Zoë Pollock

In Brooklyn, Erica Sackin prepares for the coming apocalypse:

Think about it. Why else would we eschew “real” jobs for things like baking, bartending or making coffee, all of which are, I might add, entirely end-times-proof professions? (You think people won’t need coffee after the world ends? Or a drink? Trust me, when those four horsemen ride in you’ll be begging for some of our small-batch-hand-distilled whiskey. Begging.) Living without health insurance? That’s stupid! Unless… you need practice for when things like hospitals and co-payments disappear in a rain of hellfire from the gods. ...

Remember when you were all laughing at us for wearing skinny jeans, only to be reading about them in the pages of Vogue the following year? Remember when the same thing happened with leggings, bangs and listening to Arcade Fire? Well this is like that, only with more fire and damnation.