"Palin With Gravitas"?


Allahpundit sees the logic of a Mike Pence run at the White House:

The guy who’s usually mentioned as the threat to Palin is Huckabee, of course, because they’d compete for social conservatives. But establishment Republicans dislike Huck almost as much as they do Sarahcuda, as he’s ever eager to remind us. So imagine for a moment that you’re Karl Rove, nervously weighing the possibility that one of those two will be the nominee. You can try to head them off by pushing Romney or Daniels or Thune, but then you run the risk of a pure “centrists vs. the base” primary and because the base tends to be more motivated to turn out, they’d have the upper hand.

The alternative is to try to coopt part of the base by backing a compromise candidate instead, someone who might be more fiscally and/or socially conservative than the establishment would prefer but who would peel off base voters from Huck and Palin and would stand a better chance of appealing to centrists against Obama. That’s Pence. He’s got 10 years of legislative experience, he’s deeply respected by fiscal cons and social cons, he gives a good speech, and he’s less ostentatious about “values” than Huckabee is so he runs a smaller risk of alienating moderates in the general election.

Pence is considering running. Pence's extremism on almost all subjects does not seem to me to be an advantage over Palin, but it might square a couple of GOP circles. Still: this very white guy stomping on Sarah wouldn't be good optics either. And she'd win.

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty.)