Why America Won't Buy Palinism, Ctd

A reader writes:

You said, "I didn't note Sarah Palin's verbal screw-up when she called South Korea North Korea in an interview with Glenn Beck."

You didn't?  What's this?

Damn. Busted right open. I guess what I meant to write was that I didn't make a big deal out of it (which is how my addled, over-blogged brain could write the sentence above). A simple post with a sigh attached isn't that big a deal, but I concede the point. Another writes:

What's even more bizarre about Palin's defense of her gaffe is that it was her Thanksgiving message. If she posted that at 4:35pm, does that mean she spent the whole day searching YouTube and crafting her response to a verbal gaffe? I can just see her in the study, pecking on her computer with the kids standing around cheering her on. I can hear her whispering under her breath, ala Bristol, "This will be like a big middle finger to all those people that hate me." This was the most inspiring message she could come up with for a national holiday?


On Thanksgiving Day, the ONLY thing everyone agreed with is when my 80 year old feeble mother-in-law shouted, "Sarah Palin an idiot!" In a multi-generational gathering of 30 rural Ohio Republicans, Mom was almost applauded at the dinner table. From the men who were in the garage drinking beer and frying the turkey to the wives and girlfriends who were in the kitchen, Palin is over. I was surprised to see her lose this group of FNC viewers.