What Will Republicans Do To Healthcare?

Ezra Klein wonders:

Politicians of both parties are risk-averse, and the likeliest outcome is that this fight is effectively tabled - particularly if, as predicted, Democrats hold the Senate. Republicans might mount a mostly symbolic vote on repealing the bill, and they could make a show of holding up appropriations in exchange for some smaller compromises on provisions that Democrats won't fight to the death over.

But Republicans are more likely to try to persuade their base to take the longer view and see this battle as one that will really be decided in 2012. Then, they believe, Republicans will have a shot a the White House - anda president whose pen will be on their side.

But what are they going to do if they don't cut spending or repeal health reform? Do they think the tea-parrty supporters will be happy to see them twiddling their thumbs and subpoenaing the janitors for two whole years? If people think Obama oversold in his campaign ...