Urban Coyote


Coyotes have been let loose in the Chicago area to see how they fare in urban settings:

With human urban areas continually encroaching on wildlife habitats, this becomes an important field of study. Last year, Chicago Breaking News reports, a coyote had taken up residence in a park in Chicago and had to be removed after becoming accustomed to people’s handouts. And there has already been coyote roadkill in Chicago.

Chicago officials say the coyotes are intended to keep the rodent population in check, but Treehugger isn't buying it:

As far as a coyote being released on purpose to eat up rodents… well, that’s probably more a tactic to keep city residents calm about their furry neighbors. Instead, the animals-as-pest-control is likely more a happy side effect of letting the coyotes do their thing to find out more about them.

(Photo by Flickrite Matt Knoth)